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DNEPR-2 Launch Is Delayed

Update (27 March 2007, 18:00 UTC): According to n article(English translation) on the Russian state news agency, RIA Novosti's website and Cal Poly CubeSat website, Kosmotras has stated that the launch will be delayed until April 17. It seems there is a problem with the third (booster) stage of the DNEPR rocket.

Update (3 April 2007, 13:30 UTC): Kosmotras has released a news article explaining that a telemetry cable was the cause for delay. The cable has been replaced and the prelaunch preparations resumed.

All payloads have successfully passed necessary pre-launch checkout and testing. All tests of the launch vehicle up to the integration with the Space Head Module were successfully completed as well.

Following the integration of the Space Head Module containing 14 satellites with the launch vehicle, the fully assembled rocket underwent a series of final electrical tests. During this phase, the LV diagnostics system detected an anomaly in the 3rd stage telemetry harness.

To date, the faulty cable has been replaced and pre-launch preparations have been resumed.

To ensure the absolute success of this launch mission and to allow for completion of all necessary electrical checkout of the rocket, the State Launch Committee, also mindful of the other launch missions scheduled to fly from the Baikonur Cosmodrome within the same timeframe, has set the new date for this launch on 17-18 April 2007.|

CAPE1 has been integrated into its P-POD and the P-PODS have been integrated with EgyptSat-1 as well as three Saudi sats. CAPE1 Launch Information is available at this page. Photos of the payload bay are available at Roscosmos

Actual satellite data recovered on launch day (17 April 2007, 07:06 UTC): Launch Successful, CAPE1 is Alive! The DNEPR2 launch was successful and separation was achieved as planned. CAPE1 Launch Information is available at this page. More updates to follow.

(17 April 2007, 08:11 UTC): Word from Kosmotras is the P-PODs deployed 10 seconds earlier than scheduled. Also, CalPoly heard CAPE1!!

(8 July 2007): Welcome our two new project leaders, Jason Laberteaux and Jason Moesta. Both are actively moving foward with the 2007 Balloon Launch.

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