The following is work done by the first satellite team.



Li-Ion See the li-ion destructive battery test results (PDF) provided by the StenSat group.

Solar Cells


Solar cells were purchased from Spectrolab. The cells used were the 26.8% efficient improved triple juntion solar cells.


The cells were glued to PC boards with a product called Arathane 5750 from Specialty Polymers and the silicone to attach the solar cells was CV-2566 (CV Silicone Elastomer) (PDF) from Nusil.

The silicone elastomer provides significant bond strength with the flexibility to accommodate a mismatch in thermal coefficients of expansion between the cells and substrate while meeting strict out-gassing standards. At about $430 per 250 gram kit, this material is expensive, but each cell requires only about 2.5 grams of adhesive.

  • Note: the mix ratio is 100:0.5 so a scale with 0.01 gram accuracy or better is required for moderate sized batches. Batches of much less than 50 grams are not recommended.

NuSil is located in Goleta, CA and Franco, a helpful technician, can be reached at 805-566-4127. Training in the mixing and application of this material may be arranged at the Goleta location. SP120 (PDF) is the primer used with the CV-2566 and should also be purchased from NuSil (about $10 per bottle). Use SP 120 to clean the sides of the substrate and CIC where they will both be connected to each other.

Also obtain laboratory grade isopropyl alcohol.

Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator used on board was TI's TPS62007. The following voltage regulator design was used on CAPE1.


Notice the inputs and outputs.


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