Software Defined Radio Subsystem

What is a SDR?

A Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a highly adaptable radio where all modulation and demodulation is accomplished in the digital domain via software. For more information, see the following sites:

Or try a google search.

What is the CAPE SDR?

The CAPE SDR will be the backbone of the communications system of the CAPE 2 satellite. It’s major design challenges include meeting a 500 mW power budget and size constraints. More information on the CAPE SDR can be found here.


Theory of Operation

  • Operational Amplifier Noise Study
  • ADC Noise Study
  • Sampling Theory
  • SDR Feasibility Study
  • SDR Modulation techniques

Hardware Design

  • High Level Block Diagram
  • Transmit Low Level Block Diagram
  • Receive Low Level Block Diagram
  • Theory of Operation
  • Device Comparison and Selection
  • Preliminary Power Budget
  • Preliminary Cost Budget
  • Transmitter Schematic
  • Transmitter Board Layout
  • Receiver Schematic
  • Receiver Board Layout
  • AD7683 Schematic
  • AD7683 Board Layout
  • AD5663 Schematic
  • AD5663 Board Layout
  • Low Pass Filter Schematic
  • Low Pass Filter Board Layout

Software Design

  • Software Flowcharts
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